Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oreo Cheesecake

Simple to make Oreo Cheese Cake for those who love cheesecake and yet do not like to bake.  No baking required.
Cheesecake pic complimentary from Noor Aini

All you need is a mixer and a fridge with all the below mentioned ingredients.

Cheese Cake Base
Crush about 10 pieces of oreo biscuits and mix with approx. 80gm butter.  Press the mixture in your cake tin.  Put the base into the fridge for about half an hour before pouring the cheese mixture onto the base.

Cheese Cake Mixture
2 pcs of 175gm cheese or I used 250 gm cheese
1/2 cup* sugar (adjust this according to how sweet you like your cake)
When cheese is soft, mix above till smooth, can use mixer
Stir 2-2.5 teaspoon of gelatin with half cup of hot water, add to the cheese mixture, and mix again
Add 1 cup of cream or you can replace with natural yoghurt, Mix well
Add 1/6 cup of lemon, (depending on how sour you like it) mix well
(Careful as mixture may be a little diluted and splatter out a bit.  May want to cover with cloth to prevent spreading your table with this delicious tasty cheese )
Pour mixture onto the base.
Put into fridge for more than two hours or for the cheese mixture to harden.
Then add cheese cake toppings.

Cheese Cake Toppings (Strawberry & Blueberries)
Mix sugar and water, bring to boil and add blueberries and strawberries.
Let it simmer until the mixture thickens.
When cool, pour onto the cheesecake

chocolate cheese cake
oreo choc cheese cake

oreo choc cheese cake
piece of the oreo choc cheese cake

or Cheese Cake Toppings (Chocolate)
Take half of the cheese mixture and add about 100 gm of cocoa butter, after pouring the cheese mixture and it hardens.  ( you can put it in the freezer for about half an hour)
Mix the other half with cocoa butter, and pour onto the hardened cheese mixture.
Take out and put in the cocoa mixture.
For patterns, put a small layer of cheese mixture on top of the cocoa mix and use toothpick to create your designs.

Keep in fridge for more than three hours before serving.

* 1 cup is about 225gm

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