Friday, November 24, 2017

How To Market Your Restaurant

For food business owners who want to know how to market your restaurant, get your tips here!

Once you have set up your food business and it is running, next step is to identify how to market and promote your restaurant or food business so that people are aware of it and also its specialties and operations so that they can think of your place when they think of the food that you serve.

What is your signature dishes, what are your specialties?  Is it the incredible food, the drinks or the ambience.  Or is it your remarkably awesome customer service?  Highlight all of these great points of your business to bring in the crowd for your business.

You can start doing this online or offline.  Here are some easy methods to start promoting and marketing your restaurant or food business.  You can DIY them.

Market and promote them online with google, your website, social media platforms.  Display and show of your mouth watering and appealing pictures of your signature dishes, food or drinks served in your establishment.  Make sure to flaunt them when you have them, both online and offline. 

Give out flyers or brochures about your place to the neighbourhood people, companies, shops and etc.

List your place on food listings.  Run online marketing campaigns for your food business.  

Develop a few appealing and engaging videos that will definitely helps you increase your engagements and increase customers attention and conversion to visit and eat at your restaurant.

Offer good customer service to your customers.  Make sure your staff are not just efficient but nice and friendly when serving your customers.  Run special promotion to keep the crowd happy to return with your interesting promotions.

Invite food bloggers who would be able to help you spread the word to their audiences and your potential customers.

Depending on your resources, you can either DIY these steps to market your restaurant or you can outsource them to companies who specialises in marketing them for you.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Food Bloggers

Interestingly, why foodscream and our new adventure of food hunt for food bloggers in Singapore and Malaysia begins.  Check out the video that clearly explains them all in less than a minute.

So, for those who are interested to share savoury meals, good food and fresh local delights stalls with us, remember to connect with us. Foodies to share on great, good and not so good food that you had recently.

Also, check out how you can market your restaurant if you own a food business or check out the free or premium listing with us.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Malaysia Food Blog

Malaysia Food Blog lets check out western food in KL near setapak, KL.  Nice western food but a bit on the high price. However, the quality of the food is nice.. ya!

Same thing with the chicken pie in KL where you can wats aps to order your ranges of pies for your celebration and special occassion in Malaysia.

Discover the nice ranges of food in Malaysia Food Blog where we share the best food range of food guide and listings around Malaysia and Singapore.  Find the great and mouth watering food here.

Chicken Pie by Decostas Pies In KL

Chicken Chop Yummy Malaysia Food Blog savoured

Western Food In KL
yes, nice western food and chicken pie in KL!

Check out also food porn Thai food of varieties of Thai food along Old Klang Road. Malaysia food blog offers you savoury pics of KL Thai Food. 

Enjoy sumptuous dinner for 10 at this Thai food restaurant though it was a little pricey!  But the ambience was great!

KL Food Blog

KL Food Blog, where my sister shares with you the many food hunt makan places in KL Malaysia where she has frequented to satisfy her foodie wants for the best KL food in Malaysia.  Come join us for the food spread here!

KL Food Blog - Malaysia food blogger

Book a coach to KL or any part of Malaysia to savour your favourite food and visit your relatives and friends.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

KL Food Hunt - KL Food Guide

This is KL Food Hunt - KL Food Guide in Malaysia, where my foodie sister go hunting for food spread of great food adventure hunt.  She loves food and hence she hunt and snap food pics for me to share with all you great audience of food lovers too!

Come join us in our great food hunt of Malaysia food blog spread brought to you by best Malaysia food blogger shares!

Check out many more KL Food Hunt 2017-2018 list for your food selection in Malaysia.

KL Food Hunt - KL Food Guide

Best Hawker Centres In Singapore

Lets check out which are the best hawker centers in Singapore. There are many hawker centres here in the red dot city. As a local you get so many ranges of food in the list of best hawker centres in Singaore. As for tourists, where would you go for your spread local delicacies from the hawker food stalls?

Lau Pa Sat, Newton Circus, Satay Club at Gardens by the Bay are some of the more popular tourists known hawker places. And the spread of hawker centers continue with the locally loved centers like Maxwell Market, Old Changi Airport Road and some other neighbourhood market.

A few of us visited the Old Changi Airport Road hawker center, fulfiling our food adventure hunt for the best hawker centres in Singapore.

At first, we were pretty pleased with the long rows of stalls and varieties of food there. After buying and tasting the food like char koay teow, pad thai, poh piah, pie tie, fruits rojak, satay, bbq sting ray, fruit juice, sugar cane juice, we found this hawker center to be offering moderately nice spread of local food only.

Of course, we know other places that serve better quality hawker center food. The tourists whom we brought there were, however, pretty happy with the spread of food available and tasted there.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Best Prawn Aglio Olio

Discover how to cook healthy best prawn aglio olio at home.  Great savings and healthy eat for the family to enjoy!

WOO HOO! So this is the secret ingredient of making the aglio olio so fragrant and delicious!

BOON Mr Popeye Cafe Marina Island

Marina Island Lumut Malaysia Asia Holiday Destination, Truly Asia Marina Island Lumut Pangkor Perak. Marina Island is the first and only man made island in Malaysia, Asia. Located in the state of Perak, Lumut, Setiawan area, Marina Island has beautiful beaches and many attractive and fun beach activities for local and tourists from all over the world. BOON in Marina Island offers ranges of fun and services like fishing, theme park kids fun, garden dining by the beach and many more. Or Check out the services at

Check out BOON Mr Popeye Cafe that offers western food and malaysian food in Marina Island. Nice seating at the garden by the beach in the evening and of course, indoor aircon seating in the cafe and outside breezy relaxation.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Check out Our Youtube Channel For More Fun Mouth Watering Food Adventure

Best Food Adventure with Best Food Blogger Singapore Malaysia at Foodscream. A series of shoots of great, good, not so great or good food sharing.  Check out the fun adventure and pre dances while travelling to the good food to share with you.

Best Food Blogger First Food Hunt Exercise and check out the rest of the videos in the food you tube channel.

Check out the food adventure with best food blogger Singapore Malaysia sharing with you the ranges of good and not so good food in this region.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Best Penang Food Adventure Famous Penang Food Hunt

Check out Best Penang Food Adventure for Famous Penang Food Hunt like char koay teow, assam laksa, hokkien mee, wan tan mee, ban chang kueh, rojak, lobak, satay, pork floss bun and many more.

Also included in this hunt is durian hunt during this super low season and expensive time to buy durian.

Check out our youtube video on this Best Penang Food Adventure Famous Penang Food Hunt!

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