Monday, December 26, 2011

Western food in Taiping

Western food in Taiping.  Yesterday we were at Nagaria to do a round of western food tasting in Taiping during our long break here.  Nagaria has been in Taiping for more than 20 years, an established restaurant in Taiping with enhanced cleanliness and standard after the recent change.  Food is not too bad.  The waiter and waitress were ok, and we got a very friendly waiter who serve us with our orders. We ordered the Bombay steak, chicken chop oriental, chicken chop chambertin that was supposed to be marinated or cooked with red wine, fish and chip (looked too dry) and oriental fried rice(looked too plain).  Will give it 9/10 for ambience and pricing. Taste and presentation of food only earned 6/10. 

My personal preference are the chicken chop at Restaurant Wan Li at Kota Road or the Western corner at Glutton Corner (Padang) though.  They come with better sauce.

Western food in Taiping.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All about Laksa and Fried Koay Teow

It's all about laksa and fried koay teow.  Where can you get the best assam laksa and char koay teow?

I have gone to Penang for its penang laksa and char koay teow at Penang Road.  One can also enjoy its similar version in Taiping.  I have tried the ones at Pokok Assam, Prima, and Cashiers Market in Taiping.  They are now ranged from RM3 to RM3.50 per bowl or per plate.  The best I have tasted would be .....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Assam Laksa

OK, OK, I know you miss Taiping food. How about this mouth watering laksa from Pokok Assam central and the teh peng (ice tea with milk). Gosh I can eat two bowls at a time. I did actually. I was there with some friends during the chinese new year holiday.

These pictures however were taken by my niece during her food rendevous when she was back in Taiping for one of her holidays trip then. Hmmmm.... sedap (delicious).

Nasi Lemak

The favourite nasi lemak, which one looks delicious and irresistable to you? We have one from the Carlos, one from Bt Mas and another from a Malay Makcik stall.

Well your choice:


Bt Mas Nasi Lemak or

Makcik's Nasi Lemak

For details, contact me for this great favourite of all time food.

Kheng Pin Coffee Shop, Penang food

Check this coffee shop out when you are in Penang. It is along Penang Rd and Sri Bahari Rd. They serve delicious lobak (fried meat loaves) .

Fried Koay Tiow and Fried Oyster

Hmmmm..... don't you just miss the delicious fried oyster with the just right flavour of chilly. Only for RM12 for this big plate.

Arghghhhh.... can you just smell the aromatic fried koay tiow from where you are sitting now. Gosh I miss the koay tiow so much. And the prawns here are so big.... hm..... just delicious. Of course you have to pay extra for the extra big prawn here. this plate costs RM9 but it is worth every dollar.

So, don't forget to pop into Lorong Selamat Penang stalls when you are in Penang. You have not really step into Penang if you do not attempt to try to eat all these delicious, mouth watering food..... Hm... I am hungry already!!

Cuttlefish fruit rojak & ABC Ice Kacang

You know it is mouth watering sedap (delicious) just by looking at it. This ABC ice kacang (ice with nuts and jelly and condensed milk and syrup) is thirst quenching and a simple yet great dessert.

The cuttlefish fruit rojak (cucumber, turnip, pineapple, mango) is a low fat diet dessert. The fruit is low in calories, not the cuttlefish though!!.. The nice aromatic prawn paste sauce is just yummy for those who love rojak.

My niece and nephew brought her mum and grandma to this stall at Lorong Selamat in Penang for a food rendevous in celebration of her mum's birthday. Just wished I was there:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Betty's love letters

Kuih kapit or love letters are a must have for Chinese New Year. In Betty's home, she doesn't buy them, like us. For her, pre Chinese New Year is the time, her magic wand is busiest at work. She bakes cookies like kuih kapit, peanut cookies, sugee cookies, butter cookies, almond cookies, gosh and the list goes on....

So, if you want to taste the real, authentic cookies and cakes, come with me to visit my cousin. I go there to catch up as we live far apart, we only get to visit and meet once a year. So, while we talk, I will be served with all her greatest invention of love. Aren't I lucky!

Betty's Freshly Baked Buns

Betty continues to surprise us with her culinary skills, not only is she good with nyonya dishes or local chinese dishes, she bakes better than some of the confectionery shops here. These are freshly baked, soft buns filled with minced, sweet sauce meat!! Hmmm... mouth watering.

Betty's American Fusion Breakfast

Well, I know how at times, we just want to have a meal of American breakfast waiting for us at the meal table.

Indeed, she makes the American Fusion Breakfast too. Juicy sausages and nice, crispy sunny side up fried egg on one side and soft on the other. Yummy breakfast with your cup of coffee or tea.

Betty's Mum's Half Boiled Eggs

Ji Kor's half boiled eggs looks and taste much better than those you find in some high end, expensive coffee shop or cafe.

It only takes her few minutes to heat/boil them to perfection. Add on soy sauce and pepper, and, voila..... slurpy half boiled eggs. It goes well with cream crackers or bread too. Add on a cup of coffee or tea, and you feel so pampered.

Betty's Lam Mee

Lam mee, choose your noodles from yellow noodles (which is the commonly used noodle for lam mee), bee hoon, vermicelli or koay teow.

Pour in the chicken boiled soup with added add on to enhance the nice taste of the lam mee soup noodle. Goes well with sambal belacan. Hmmmm.... I can take two bowls at one go.

Betty's Soup

Betty's Nyonya's Perut Ikan

Betty's Prawn Fritters

Betty's Kuih Pai Tee

Betty's Ji Hu Char

Betty's Lor bak

Betty's Home Cooked Food

Betty can cook indeed. My beautiful, young, dilligent and shy cousin cooks so well, she puts many to shame. Betty, my all rounder cousin, she cooks, she bakes, she cleans, she irons, she washes and she is a professional at work.

Among the great food you see here are some secret recipes passed down from my aunt to her, ranging from nyonya dishes and local chinese delights. Craving for any delicious nyonya or local chinese delights? Here are a list of dishes that she can easily whip up. I understand from my niece, (Betty's daughter) is that she has this magic wand that she uses to just whip up these dishes for family gatherings. I believe my niece, that explains why Betty can cook and I can't!!

Fried kunyit fish with special made chilli

Black sesame oil chicken

Stir fried cabbage and carrot

Mixed vegetable soup

Nyonya perut ikan curry

Lor bak

Ji Hu Char

Curry Noodle

Lam Mee

Honey roasted chicken wings

Smoked sausages

Prawn fried with black sauce

Curry shrimps

Prawn fritters

Kam heong sotong

All photos compliments of my beautiful niece, Joanna!

Address: Taiping, actual place... on invitation only:)