Thursday, July 28, 2011

Betty's Home Cooked Food

Betty can cook indeed. My beautiful, young, dilligent and shy cousin cooks so well, she puts many to shame. Betty, my all rounder cousin, she cooks, she bakes, she cleans, she irons, she washes and she is a professional at work.

Among the great food you see here are some secret recipes passed down from my aunt to her, ranging from nyonya dishes and local chinese delights. Craving for any delicious nyonya or local chinese delights? Here are a list of dishes that she can easily whip up. I understand from my niece, (Betty's daughter) is that she has this magic wand that she uses to just whip up these dishes for family gatherings. I believe my niece, that explains why Betty can cook and I can't!!

Fried kunyit fish with special made chilli

Black sesame oil chicken

Stir fried cabbage and carrot

Mixed vegetable soup

Nyonya perut ikan curry

Lor bak

Ji Hu Char

Curry Noodle

Lam Mee

Honey roasted chicken wings

Smoked sausages

Prawn fried with black sauce

Curry shrimps

Prawn fritters

Kam heong sotong

All photos compliments of my beautiful niece, Joanna!

Address: Taiping, actual place... on invitation only:)

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