Monday, December 26, 2011

Western food in Taiping

Western food in Taiping.  Yesterday we were at Nagaria to do a round of western food tasting in Taiping during our long break here.  Nagaria has been in Taiping for more than 20 years, an established restaurant in Taiping with enhanced cleanliness and standard after the recent change.  Food is not too bad.  The waiter and waitress were ok, and we got a very friendly waiter who serve us with our orders. We ordered the Bombay steak, chicken chop oriental, chicken chop chambertin that was supposed to be marinated or cooked with red wine, fish and chip (looked too dry) and oriental fried rice(looked too plain).  Will give it 9/10 for ambience and pricing. Taste and presentation of food only earned 6/10. 

My personal preference are the chicken chop at Restaurant Wan Li at Kota Road or the Western corner at Glutton Corner (Padang) though.  They come with better sauce.

Western food in Taiping.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All about Laksa and Fried Koay Teow

It's all about laksa and fried koay teow.  Where can you get the best assam laksa and char koay teow?

I have gone to Penang for its penang laksa and char koay teow at Penang Road.  One can also enjoy its similar version in Taiping.  I have tried the ones at Pokok Assam, Prima, and Cashiers Market in Taiping.  They are now ranged from RM3 to RM3.50 per bowl or per plate.  The best I have tasted would be .....