Thursday, April 23, 2015

Secret To Youth For Your Vajayjay

Do you want to know the secret to youth for your vajayjay.  I am diverting to a non-food topic.

You will find this non-food topic interesting as it helps you to regain your youth and elasticity or tightness to your vagina, refreshing and cleaning your private part.  This cleansing and tightening of your vagina will lead you to higher confidence level and highten joy with your partner.

Something organic that would help you maintain your asset as tight and fresh as ever!

Use manjakani, a herb that can help you regain your ever lasting youth and tightness for your vajayjay, allowing you and your partner to enjoy the natural. long lasting and loving way to great enjoyment and fun.

Manjakani is known for its astringent effect. It has substance to constrict or tighten body tissues. This is its main use, in additional to many uses for antimicrobial and antibacterial and antifungal for the body.

Boil manjakani in water for about 5-8 minutes, you may use the lukewarm water to wash your vagina or make paste of the manjakani and apply on the vagina area.  This paste is also good to tighten your stomach or tummy area, as the astringent element helps tighten your muscle area.  It can also be used around your breasts area help enhance breasts.  Some even uses this to apply on their face, which helps to tighten saggy skin.

Drink twice a week, water boiled with manjakani and a slice of ginger, kunyit with gula melaka can be consumed with honey to help improve health of people with post menstrual problem, reducing cramps, clotting and excessive bleeding. 

The paste can also be used to help get rid of mouth ulcer by applying paste or gargling of the manjakani water.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shoo Shoo Fly Away Mosquitoes

Shoo away mosquitoes the natural way

cute looking limes with man made pimples.

The man-made pimple is also known as:

The Cloves or
Bunga Cengkih or
Pat Kok or

pic compliments fm zuggle
translations compliments from Wendie & Vanaja

How To Bring Down Cholesterol Level The Natural Way

Here are some tips shared by my friends, Irin & Zuggle on how to bring down your cholesterol level the natural way.  Of course, you can also add exercise to your daily regimen, my Zuggle friend would always add on.

(My exercise is usually preparing my food and walking to my food, unlike Zuggle, my determined and healthy friend who managed to lose at least 13kg in less than one year through the natural way!!)

Disclaimer:  These may be effective for some and not for others.  As it is natural and healthy, no harm in trying them.  Stuff your body with healthy good stuff.

Apple cider helps bring your cholesterol down.  Check this out here on apple cider.

OK, here goes, the recipe to lower your cholesterol level the natural way....

A) Apple and lemongrass drink made by Irin

Boil the below to tame your cholesterol.  Get one cup of drink from boiling the below:

1) 5 medium sized stalks of lemongrass
2) 1 green apple (sliced into 4-8 pcs)
3) 2 mugs of water

Once boiled, dd pandan leaves to add to aroma.  Cool it.  Drink this plum-juice like drink to tame your cholesterol.

Drink for consecutive 3 days, and once a week for about 1-2 months to bring down the cholesterol level.

B) Apple and Hot Lemon by Zuggle

Eat or drink fresh green apple in the morning
Drink hot lemon at night

C) Ladies Finger Drink by Zuggle

Soak 1 cut ladies finger in a cup of warm water over the night, drink the water, next morning.  This will help bring down your cholesterol level the natural way.

For those who love ladies fingers, you can also consume them to help strengthen your joints.

Jalan Yap Ah Loy Sang Kee Beef Hor Fun

These are some of the sumptuous dinner order that our friends enjoyed during their stay in Kuala Lumpur,KL.

They made their way to Jalan Yap Ah Loy for these selections of deliciously cooked noodles.  Bring out your tissue while looking at the pics.  The actual food is slurping good too!

Singapore Fried Bee Hoon, Beef Hor Fun(Koay Teow), Prawn Fried Yee Mee.

Jalan Imbi Beef Noodle or Beef Hor Fun

Some of the coffee shops along Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur (KL) opened till midnight.  So, we dropped by one of the run down coffee shops for our late dinner during our road trip back from the north.

There are two shops along Jalan Imbi that serves good Beef  Hor Fun (Koay Teow), and the kam hiong lala (flat squid fried with garlic and shrimp) is delectably haven.

We ordered above for 2 persons and they cost us RM40 (RM25 for the beef noodle and RM15 for the kam hiong lala).  Pretty reasonably priced for the food.

The coconut drink however, cost us RM7 for one and RM3 for a can of coke!  Highly priced for a run down coffee shop.  But, no complaints on the good food offered there.

Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur
Beef Noodle and Kam Hiong Lala