Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Bring Down Cholesterol Level The Natural Way

Here are some tips shared by my friends, Irin & Zuggle on how to bring down your cholesterol level the natural way.  Of course, you can also add exercise to your daily regimen, my Zuggle friend would always add on.

(My exercise is usually preparing my food and walking to my food, unlike Zuggle, my determined and healthy friend who managed to lose at least 13kg in less than one year through the natural way!!)

Disclaimer:  These may be effective for some and not for others.  As it is natural and healthy, no harm in trying them.  Stuff your body with healthy good stuff.

Apple cider helps bring your cholesterol down.  Check this out here on apple cider.

OK, here goes, the recipe to lower your cholesterol level the natural way....

A) Apple and lemongrass drink made by Irin

Boil the below to tame your cholesterol.  Get one cup of drink from boiling the below:

1) 5 medium sized stalks of lemongrass
2) 1 green apple (sliced into 4-8 pcs)
3) 2 mugs of water

Once boiled, dd pandan leaves to add to aroma.  Cool it.  Drink this plum-juice like drink to tame your cholesterol.

Drink for consecutive 3 days, and once a week for about 1-2 months to bring down the cholesterol level.

B) Apple and Hot Lemon by Zuggle

Eat or drink fresh green apple in the morning
Drink hot lemon at night

C) Ladies Finger Drink by Zuggle

Soak 1 cut ladies finger in a cup of warm water over the night, drink the water, next morning.  This will help bring down your cholesterol level the natural way.

For those who love ladies fingers, you can also consume them to help strengthen your joints.

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