Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Curry Puffs & Peanut Puffs

These curry and peanut puffs you see here are the best I have ever tasted. Why? Well, because they home made and are made of high quality ingredients moulded and cooked with love:) The dough which makes the puffs' skin is made of flour, oil, water and the right amount of salt. The ingredients of the curry and peanut are made of ...... let's just call it "Love's secret recipe". The puffs' skin is crunchy and nicely fried to give you the right amount of crisp.

This skill of puffs making are developed in Taiping and can be imported to any place in the world. All you need is a little bit of love and time.

Total costs: Lots of love and effort.
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Half Boiled Egg on Toast

Hi pals, as promised here is the post on the toast bread shop in Ipoh. Ban Teik and wife took us here too. Well, I was told that it is one of the pioneer of "White Coffee" shop. Yes, your original Ipoh White Coffee shop! And it really lived up to its name. The coffee is first class!!! Not too sweet... it is rich with aromatic iced coffee with milk. The toast bread spreaded with kaya and butter were crispy and sweet. Well, when you bite the toast... it is so crispy... it sounds and feels like biting into Jacob cream cracker but with a richer and sweeter taste. You know what I mean, huh! Well, if you don't, then be sure to travel to Ipoh to taste it. The shop is opened for breakfast and afternoon for tea time or more accurately coffee break.

It serves one of its unique half boiled egg on toasted bread. You know, we used to eat half boiled eggs and dip toast into it. Now, with this unique number, you need not use the extra hand muscle to dip your toast into the egg no more. And it is so easy to make... yet so delicious... I think I can get my love to make it for me at home!!

Total Costs: Again, thanks to Ban Teik and wife who treated us. Not sure how much this meal cost. But, I think you will definitely get value for your money here.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ipoh Kai Xi Hor Fun

OK, I admit it, I am a sucker for good food and companion. A visit to my pal's place in Ipoh is a must to complete the Taiping food escapade. Well, yes Ipoh is about 45 mins away from Taiping, but it was a worthwhile drive. Well, I am blessed with great companions and complemented with great food. My great pal and his wife even took leave to entertain us and brought us round Ipoh to taste the best of the best in Ipoh town.

What is kai xi hor fun? The food is finger licking good. Well, little Lee Ann who is 5 will support my claim. The innocent never lies. Our dear girl was actually eating ... believe it or not, sucking and cleaning up the chicken feet!! Well, I am no fan of any other parts of chicken except for its breasts, thighs and drumsticks. This food in a medium size coffee shop in Ipoh town makes my stomach growls. Kuey tiow, noodle any mee, just order... The chicken is so tender, juicy and tasty, the bean sprout is stir fried with garlic and tasty gravy, and mind you, the kuey tiow is smoother than lotion on skin!!

Total costs: Actually not sure, cause my dear friend who took leave to bring us around Ipoh paid for it. Thanks Ban Teik!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mee Rebus

The mee rebus I am going to introduce to you is sold in "Chye Chee" or also known as "Cashier's Market". Don't ask me why they named it that. It was a routine for me and my family to visit "Chye Chee" once a week back then. It serves the many best food in Taiping. Real food lovers should visit this place, regardless of its mass and messy condition. It has many small stalls selling old good Taiping food.

There was only 1 stall selling mee rebus 10 years back. And mind you, these hawkers make big bucks selling this special noodle. They live in big house, boasts of owning plasma tvs and other great stuff money can buy them. Today, there are a few more stalls selling this spicy, potato gravy noodle. Now, one stall is in the same old "Chye Chee" place and another two serve mee rebus in Prima Coffee Shop. Well, they are all equally good. You can't find such rich nutritious mee rebus in Singapore or Malaysia, if I am allowed to boast about my town, I must say that only Taiping serves them.

Well, I usually have several rounds of mee rebus as I need to make sure I patronize all three stalls before I leave Taiping. I will usually order 1 mee rebus and teh peng (ice tea with milk) and a few other great dishes to fill me up.... before I go..go...

For 1 mee rebus and teh peng, total costs is only RM3.60

Address: Cashier Market, Jalan Panggung Wayang. The stall is on the far left of the market.

Taiping Cendol

Don't be deceived by this small shop. This is very place the Cendol Brother serves the MUST HAVE Taiping cendol! Make sure you pay this guy a visit. Brother Cendol does not just serve great cendol dessert, they have good pasembor, mee rebus or noodle and are very friendly too. The father of the Cendol brothers started and operated the cendol business under a tree across St George Taiping then.

Today, the Cendol brothers inherited and expanded their father's business. They are now operating in 3 shops. Yeah! Slowly but surely the business grew and their premises upgraded too. With the new operations, you do not need to worry about fallen leaves in your cendol anymore. The authenticness and freshness of the cendol cannot be duplicated elsewhere. This is the best cendol I have ever tasted in my life. Not one high class restaurant or hotel comes close to serving such first class cendol dessert! Make sure you try this dessert in Taiping or regret it!

I ordered 1 ice cendol and 1 pasembor.

Total costs: RM3.40

Address: Barrack Road, 34000, Taiping, Perak

Kakak Taiping

This place is like a "historical place" in Taiping. Anyone who lives or grew up in Taiping would definitely know this place of noodle or mee. In fact, it is like a meeting place for those who return from overseas.

It becomes the first stop of the day. A place where nice hot chicken kuey tiow soup with bean strout and shallot is served. A place where you can get wantan mee,noodle and all the good noodly stuff and hot or cold beverage. For me, it is always kuey tiow soup with sambal chilli and teh peng (ice tea with milk) or kopi peng (ais coffee with milk). (I don't understand how people can take kuey tiow soup with just cut chilli when sambal chilli taste so good). The price of the food here had increased over the years. I used to pay about RM0.70 for a bowl of kuey tiow or noodle soup but it costs me RM2.50 now. Well, still a good deal when compared to other varieties of food in the city.

So, if you are in Taiping, make sure you visit Kakak in the morning! If you've not, you've not really visited Taiping!

Total Costs: RM3.70 for a mouthwatering breakfast! Worth it, man!

Address: 111, Jalan Pasar, 34000, Taiping, Perak.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Mr BBQ's seafood is just fabulous if you do not wish to do your own bbq!

Fabulous seafood, this restaurant started from a humble beginning. A zinc roof shade, now they have moved across to a nice cafe. And the price for the food is reasonable too.

If you want to taste good Taiping food, this is one of the must go places. You may also
buy your own bbq.

Address: 12 Jln Maharajalela, 34000, Taiping, Perak.

Newest Discovery in Town


I would like to share with you my latest discovery in Taiping. As any of the 98% of food lovers in the world, I share the same passion for good seafood meal. So, after not returning to Taiping for close to two years, I yearn for all the good food in town. However, my father highly recommended that I return to Mr BBQ who had just moved to a new venue. It has recently moved from its original shabby hut to a nicely renovated restaurant. The good news is, prices of its food did not increase regardless of a better upgraded premise. Kudos to the owners for that. Just looking and remembering the food I took make me drool. I ordered the following dishes, enjoyed a sumptuos meal and paid a very reasonable price for these:

1) Kew Gei Vegetable Soup

Kew Gei vegetable, carrot, prawn, beaten egg, sharlot and ginger. This hot gingery soup was really refreshing and great to boost up my tired body.

2) My Big Time favourite food: Lala(Clams) Kam Heong

Freshly clams are being stir fried with curry leaves, onions, dried shrimp and chilli.

3) Sambal Kangkong (Fried Water Convolvulus with Sambal)

The kangkong does not just taste fragrant, the owner even found its English word for kangkong. The dish was fragrant and spicy with sambal dried prawns.

4) Fried Chicken with Curry Powder

This is an interesting dish, where the marinated the chicken with curry powder and fried them with big onion.

5) Sambal Stingray

The stingray was grilled with lots of chilli and accompanied by preserved onion.

6) Accompanied by one plate of white rice, Ipoh white coffee ice and Lime Juice with Plum.

Total Costs: RM40.10

The pictures look good, don't they! The taste of the food is even much better. Well, you have to taste it to believe it for yourself!