Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Newest Discovery in Town


I would like to share with you my latest discovery in Taiping. As any of the 98% of food lovers in the world, I share the same passion for good seafood meal. So, after not returning to Taiping for close to two years, I yearn for all the good food in town. However, my father highly recommended that I return to Mr BBQ who had just moved to a new venue. It has recently moved from its original shabby hut to a nicely renovated restaurant. The good news is, prices of its food did not increase regardless of a better upgraded premise. Kudos to the owners for that. Just looking and remembering the food I took make me drool. I ordered the following dishes, enjoyed a sumptuos meal and paid a very reasonable price for these:

1) Kew Gei Vegetable Soup

Kew Gei vegetable, carrot, prawn, beaten egg, sharlot and ginger. This hot gingery soup was really refreshing and great to boost up my tired body.

2) My Big Time favourite food: Lala(Clams) Kam Heong

Freshly clams are being stir fried with curry leaves, onions, dried shrimp and chilli.

3) Sambal Kangkong (Fried Water Convolvulus with Sambal)

The kangkong does not just taste fragrant, the owner even found its English word for kangkong. The dish was fragrant and spicy with sambal dried prawns.

4) Fried Chicken with Curry Powder

This is an interesting dish, where the marinated the chicken with curry powder and fried them with big onion.

5) Sambal Stingray

The stingray was grilled with lots of chilli and accompanied by preserved onion.

6) Accompanied by one plate of white rice, Ipoh white coffee ice and Lime Juice with Plum.

Total Costs: RM40.10

The pictures look good, don't they! The taste of the food is even much better. Well, you have to taste it to believe it for yourself!

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