Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mee Rebus

The mee rebus I am going to introduce to you is sold in "Chye Chee" or also known as "Cashier's Market". Don't ask me why they named it that. It was a routine for me and my family to visit "Chye Chee" once a week back then. It serves the many best food in Taiping. Real food lovers should visit this place, regardless of its mass and messy condition. It has many small stalls selling old good Taiping food.

There was only 1 stall selling mee rebus 10 years back. And mind you, these hawkers make big bucks selling this special noodle. They live in big house, boasts of owning plasma tvs and other great stuff money can buy them. Today, there are a few more stalls selling this spicy, potato gravy noodle. Now, one stall is in the same old "Chye Chee" place and another two serve mee rebus in Prima Coffee Shop. Well, they are all equally good. You can't find such rich nutritious mee rebus in Singapore or Malaysia, if I am allowed to boast about my town, I must say that only Taiping serves them.

Well, I usually have several rounds of mee rebus as I need to make sure I patronize all three stalls before I leave Taiping. I will usually order 1 mee rebus and teh peng (ice tea with milk) and a few other great dishes to fill me up.... before I go..go...

For 1 mee rebus and teh peng, total costs is only RM3.60

Address: Cashier Market, Jalan Panggung Wayang. The stall is on the far left of the market.


Extreme Power said...

Yes. The mee rebus is good. Always makan there one. Try the kaka breakfast noodles near wing kong?

Passion for Life said...

yes, best in the world kakak koay teow soup with sambal and mee rebus at Central Market and Prima is good!!!!