Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taiping Cendol

Don't be deceived by this small shop. This is very place the Cendol Brother serves the MUST HAVE Taiping cendol! Make sure you pay this guy a visit. Brother Cendol does not just serve great cendol dessert, they have good pasembor, mee rebus or noodle and are very friendly too. The father of the Cendol brothers started and operated the cendol business under a tree across St George Taiping then.

Today, the Cendol brothers inherited and expanded their father's business. They are now operating in 3 shops. Yeah! Slowly but surely the business grew and their premises upgraded too. With the new operations, you do not need to worry about fallen leaves in your cendol anymore. The authenticness and freshness of the cendol cannot be duplicated elsewhere. This is the best cendol I have ever tasted in my life. Not one high class restaurant or hotel comes close to serving such first class cendol dessert! Make sure you try this dessert in Taiping or regret it!

I ordered 1 ice cendol and 1 pasembor.

Total costs: RM3.40

Address: Barrack Road, 34000, Taiping, Perak

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