Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Half Boiled Egg on Toast

Hi pals, as promised here is the post on the toast bread shop in Ipoh. Ban Teik and wife took us here too. Well, I was told that it is one of the pioneer of "White Coffee" shop. Yes, your original Ipoh White Coffee shop! And it really lived up to its name. The coffee is first class!!! Not too sweet... it is rich with aromatic iced coffee with milk. The toast bread spreaded with kaya and butter were crispy and sweet. Well, when you bite the toast... it is so crispy... it sounds and feels like biting into Jacob cream cracker but with a richer and sweeter taste. You know what I mean, huh! Well, if you don't, then be sure to travel to Ipoh to taste it. The shop is opened for breakfast and afternoon for tea time or more accurately coffee break.

It serves one of its unique half boiled egg on toasted bread. You know, we used to eat half boiled eggs and dip toast into it. Now, with this unique number, you need not use the extra hand muscle to dip your toast into the egg no more. And it is so easy to make... yet so delicious... I think I can get my love to make it for me at home!!

Total Costs: Again, thanks to Ban Teik and wife who treated us. Not sure how much this meal cost. But, I think you will definitely get value for your money here.

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DeLionKing said...

Hello, mana tempatnya. Ipoh sangat besar, hoi. At least, nama jalan-lah.
Better still nama kedai.