Thursday, April 23, 2015

Secret To Youth For Your Vajayjay

Do you want to know the secret to youth for your vajayjay.  I am diverting to a non-food topic.

You will find this non-food topic interesting as it helps you to regain your youth and elasticity or tightness to your vagina, refreshing and cleaning your private part.  This cleansing and tightening of your vagina will lead you to higher confidence level and highten joy with your partner.

Something organic that would help you maintain your asset as tight and fresh as ever!

Use manjakani, a herb that can help you regain your ever lasting youth and tightness for your vajayjay, allowing you and your partner to enjoy the natural. long lasting and loving way to great enjoyment and fun.

Manjakani is known for its astringent effect. It has substance to constrict or tighten body tissues. This is its main use, in additional to many uses for antimicrobial and antibacterial and antifungal for the body.

Boil manjakani in water for about 5-8 minutes, you may use the lukewarm water to wash your vagina or make paste of the manjakani and apply on the vagina area.  This paste is also good to tighten your stomach or tummy area, as the astringent element helps tighten your muscle area.  It can also be used around your breasts area help enhance breasts.  Some even uses this to apply on their face, which helps to tighten saggy skin.

Drink twice a week, water boiled with manjakani and a slice of ginger, kunyit with gula melaka can be consumed with honey to help improve health of people with post menstrual problem, reducing cramps, clotting and excessive bleeding. 

The paste can also be used to help get rid of mouth ulcer by applying paste or gargling of the manjakani water.

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