Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rich chocolate cake recipe comparison

I have thus far tried 3 types of chocolate cake recipes.  They are mainly chocolate chiffon cake , moist and rich chocolate cake, and Reese sticky chewy peanut butter chocolate cake.

Chocolate chiffon cake is light and nice, just the right amount of cocoa and not that rich. So, if I crave for something nice and light, I would definitely choose this chocolate chiffon cake. I would rate this 8/10

This chocolate cake is indeed rich and moist.  I would definitely bake this is I want something heavy and rich in chocolatey taste.  So nice and yummy.  I would rate this 10/10

rich chocolate cake

Reese stick chewy peanut butter chocolate cake is like tasting reese chocolate but the softer version of it.  It indeed satisfy ones craving for chewy reese peanut butter and rich chocolate cake flavour.  I would rate this 8/10
chocolate peanut butter cake recipe reese

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