Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rich cheese cake recipes comparison

So far, I have tested and baked 3 types of different cheese cakes.  The easy cheese cake recipes are easily available in my previous posts in my blog.

The 3 types of cheese cakes are Oreo Non-Baked Cheese Cake,  Soft Souffle Cheese Cake, Secret Recipe Rich Cheese Cake with Berries .

I love the secret rich cheese cake with berries as it is so soft and delicious like the similar one you get at Starbucks or Coffee Beans or Secret Recipe cafes, which sell at about $6.50 for one small piece.  I would rate this cheese cake 10/10.

easy cheese cake recipe

The Oreo Non- Baked Cheese Cake is the easiest to make as it is non baked, just mixing and stirring and chilling in the fridge and its ready for consumption.  I would rate this cheese cake 7/10.

cheese cake non bake
The Soft Souffle Cheese Cake is also a delight as it is light and soft yet, tasty to the mouth.  I would rate this cheese cake 8/10.
soft japanese cheese cake

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