Monday, January 13, 2014

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its Chinese restaurant menu.  You can find dim sum hong kong, food centers and restaurant that serves dim sum, pork roast oven, roast chicken recipe in every part of the island.  There are also many restaurants that serve seafood in Hong Kong.

We were there for about 5 days sometime in October and was intoxificated with great Chinese restaurant menu that serves Hong Kong Food and dim sum. Hong Kong is popular for its dim sum and one of the dim sum Chinese restaurant that we had visited and enjoyed most is the Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant at the International City Hall.  It has great ambience and the prices of the dim sum there are also reasonable. 

Maxim has a full range of different cuisines offerings, fine dining and bakeries situated all over Hong Kong.  Its bakeries sell cakes and bakeries, some of them comes with cafĂ© attached too.  In addition, they do have branches that serve Japanese cuisines, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines,  and their Chinese hong kong restaurants have offerings of Cantonese or Chiu Chow food.  They also have restaurants serving fast food and western food. For those who are celebrating any occasion at home, they can also cater their spreads from Maxim,

Another popular food that originated from Hong Kong is its luk luk or seafood like fish balls, meat balls, beef balls, cuttlefish served in a stick, dipped in boiling water or curry cravy.  The meat and seafood usually range from HKD10 to HKD80 per piece or per bowl.  They can be found in shops at road corners.  Seats are not provided.  Customers stand around the shop area to finish the food that they had just purchased from the shop or ta pau, ie pack back.  There are usually fruits stalls that sell fresh fruits and fruits juice at reasonable price of around HKD15 to HKD50 next to the shop.

There are also Chinese restaurant that is similar to Hong Kong Style tea house that serves good egg tarts, pineapple buns and milk tea like Tsui Wah franchise of restaurants.   They have branches in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, new Hong Kong, Macau and even some parts of China.  They serve a range of congees and great stir fried seafood noodle, noodle and rice with pork roast, roasted chicken recipe and char siew.

Hong Kong is also well known for its varieties of sweet desserts served by the big names like Honeymoon Dessert, Hui Lau Shan franchise of stalls around the island.  We love the range of mango desserts and puddings that the dessert franchises offer.  The dessert that ranges around HKD20 to HKD100 for some of the meal sets are to savour for.

Sai Kung has a string of seafood restaurants that serve great varieties of seafood. Some of the restaurants here have to be booked months in advance.  Some of them allow you to buy or bring your own seafood and they would just charge you for the cooking of the food.  There is a market nearby where you can buy fresh and affordable seafood.

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